If you are interested in volunteering with Grey Ghost Weimaraner Rescue, please complete our volunteer application below.  To ensure the safety of the weimarnaners in our programs, our fosters and our organization we have a detailed application.  This will help us get to know you, and ensure we are compliant with all licensing regulation


GGWR Volunteer/Foster Application

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Every volunteer is required to maintain an active renters policy and/or home owners insurance. Please note, that not all insurance policies will cover fostering, multiple dogs, etc. It is your expressed responsibility to ensure you are within the guidelines of your policies.
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I have truthfully and honestly answered all questions for the safety and wellbeing of GGWR's volunteers, fosters and adopters. I understand that all GGWR materials are confidential and are to not be shared with other organizations without expressed written consent of the Board of Directors. My electronic printed name serves as my legal signature.
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