Young 0-3 years old $300

Adult 4-6 years old $250

Senior 7-9 years old $200

Super Senior 10 & up $100

Every weim adopted from GGWR is up to date on their vaccines, microchipped and fixed per law.  Many of our weims require more extensive vet care and/or behavioral training.  If you are in agreement that our fees are reasonable, please complete the adoption application below.  

Respectfully, The GGWR Board of Directors


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Home Address *
Home Address
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Vet Clinic Address
Vet Clinic Address
Please list the complete address of your primary vet. This is used for reference purposes.
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Vet Clinic Phone
Please list the phone number of your primary vet. This will be used for reference purposes.
Please tell us about your family. Do you have kids?
Please tell us about the pets living in your home. Are your pets up to date on vaccinations, heartworm testing and other routine care?
Please tell us about how your pet spends their day, and evening. Are they crated? How much exercise do they get?
Have any of your pets either injured another animal or human? If so, please describe. Was it reported to animal control?
Please share with us why you would like to adopt a weimaraner.
Are you familiar with weimaraners and/or other sporting dog breeds?
Have you ever heard of brain games & mental stimulation? Examples are puzzle feeders, nose work, training, etc.
Some of our weimaraners need a little extra TLC. They may either have a behavioral issue like separation anxiety, or various medical issues. What types/severity of issues would you be comfortable with?
Are you willing to purchase a crate, and crate train? Not all weimaraners are trustworthy free roamers.
Rental/Homeowners Insurance *
Do you have rental insurance, an umbrella policy or homeowners insurance? Every adopter is required to maintain an active renters policy and/or home owners insurance. Please note, that not all insurance policies will cover fostering, multiple dogs, etc. It is your expressed responsibility to ensure you are within the guidelines of your policies.
Have you ever been investigated, charged or found guilty of animal cruelty? If so, please list details.
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Personal Reference #1
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Personal Reference #1
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Personal Reference #2
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Personal Reference #2
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I agree to have a home check conducted to evaluate my home for the safety and well-being of the weimaraner(s) I am interested in adopting.
I have truthfully and honestly answered all questions for the safety and wellbeing of GGWR's volunteers, fosters and adopters. I understand that all GGWR materials are confidential and are to not be shared with other organizations without expressed written consent of the Board of Directors. My electronic printed name serves as my legal signature.
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