Adoptable Weimaraners

Here you will find information about our weimaraners who are available for adoption. At any point in time, we may have more dogs than time to post them. Please check Petfinders for the most up to date list!


11 years old
Spayed Female

Molly is an active 11 year old female Weimaraner who is looking for her forever home. She still runs and plays like a younger dog. She loves chasing a tennis ball and sometimes she will bring it back. She also likes to play tug of war. She is adorable, loving, and goofy.

She is friendly with people, a little more cautious with strange dogs but has never been aggressive. She loves attention and she loves to play - especially with her tennis balls and tug of war rope.

If you are interested in adopting this girl, please fill out the adoption app She is looking for someone special to show up in her life!


7 years old
Spayed Female

Pearl was rescued from a backyard breeder, where she had been for seven long years. She will need special care, patience, and understanding while she learns to trust humans. She's starting to come around and wants to be loved. She likes being around people but will keep her distance and is nervous when approached, although she will approach you, especially if other dogs are nearby. She is warming up to other dogs and wants to join in when they play, and actually has joined in a couple of times. She would benefit from having other dogs around as they seem to help her feel more comfortable in her surroundings.

She will make a fantastic pet for someone who is able to work with her and understands it will take time for her to build trust. She is mellow, loving, and just wants to feel safe and secure. She had a rough start, but she's in great hands now and deserves a forever home.





1 year old

Peyton is a beautiful piebald Weimaraner whose coloring is very unique with a full natural tail. He is a very lovable guy and gets along with all dogs, big and small. He loves, loves, LOVES to play. He is quick to bond with people and great with kids. Peyton likes to snuggle up to you and give hugs!

Peyton is housebroken and looking for his forever home.